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Baby Poop Guide

Wondering how often a newborn should poop or how to help baby poop? Use The Bump baby poop guide and baby poop color chart to find out if baby’s poop color is normal.

Maternal/Child Health (OB): Fetal Heart Tones Acronym

VEAL CHOP Variable decelerations…..Cord compression Early decelerations………Head compression Accelerations…………….OK, may need Oxygen Late decelera…

Labor and Delivery Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is made to help you study and have essential information right at …

Prodromal Labor vs. the Real Thing; Knowing the Difference

Prodromal labor, also known as false-labor, begins the same way traditional labor does, however, it does not actually result in the birth of a baby.

st mungo's-Eclampsia

Not so much of a skill/drill but kept in here amongst the other obstetric procedures. Remember it is the cause of new, unexplained seizures in a pregnant lady until proven otherwise. It typically occurs during the third trimester and up to 48 hours post-delivery (but can occur up to 6 weeks post-par

st mungo's-Shoulder Dystocia

The foetal head is 'delivered' but on subsequent contractions the foetus fails to deliver (feels stuck). Stay calm, call the crash obstetric team (if not already done) then perform the McRobert's Manoeuvre. This will fix the problem 90% of the time (and hopefully the one time you need it to!)

What Is HELLP Syndrome? How Can It Affect Mothers and Babies?

HELLP syndrome is often considered to be a variant of preeclampsia, but may actually be a distinct condition.

3 Differences Between Postpartum Depression and The Baby Blues — Rachel Rabinor, LCSW, PMH-C

People often confuse the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression. Some like to say that all moms have a bit of postpartum. Have you heard that? When I hear that I presume they're not sure what the difference is between the Baby Blues, which are normal mood fluctuations after having a baby, and somethin

Preeclampsia – High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Preeclampsia is a very serious complication of pregnancy. Learn the signs and symptoms and how high blood pressure may affect your baby.

How to monitor fetal heart tone of early, late, and variable decelerations during labor.

Early, Variable, and Late Decelerations | OB Fetal Heart Tone Monitoring Decelerations

This article is about how to monitor fetal heart tone of early, late, and variable decelerations during labor. I have been studying this in nursing school,and at first I thought this was very hard …

st mungo's-Antepartum Haemorrhage

Obstetric patients can bleed a devastating amount. The key to success is ABC assessment, large-bore IV access and judicious fluid resuscitation (massive haemorrhage protocol if indicated). The underlying cause will require expert opinion so get them involved early. Plus don't forget the other little

Hello, Baby! -Peterborough Doulas - Hello, Baby! - Blog

Bleeding after birth is normal. Whether you give birth vaginally or via cesarean section, you will experience some bleeding after birth. This postpartum bleeding, called lochia, is just one way your body sheds some of the "extras" of pregnancy and restores balance to your hea