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Chinese medicine. Helping via how your tongue looks

Which Tongue Are You? One diagnostic tool used by Acupuncturists is known as tongue diagnosis. Coatings, colors, and other markings on the tongue can provide practitioners with information about what is happening in the body.

Trigger points chart for release lasting muscle tightness!

F i t n e s s : Trigger Points Trigger points chart at our F. office, come learn what trigger point massage can do to release lasting muscle tightness!

4 Places To Find Land for Free

Dec 2014 Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, And Michigan. You must be willing to show you are starting a business in some of these States

wikiHow to Match Herbs and Spices to Vegetables! Find 20 Vegetable Pairing Ideas in this article.

How to Match Herbs and Spices to Vegetables. Matching herbs and spices to vegetables helps you enhance the best features of the vegetable's flavor, in addition to providing a nice complement to any dish.

Struggling with credit card debt, one blogger decided to try an aggressive approach: She gave herself only 90 days to pay off $8,100. Here’s how she did it. - The Penny Hoarder

Credit Cards, aka Debt Cards, is a card allowing the holder to purchase goods without having to pay for it on the spot. They have to make payments and pay interest for their purchase.


Not currently thrilled with Starbucks but I will pin this for reading later. LIFE-CHANGING STARBUCKS HACKS: Save money and love your drink even more with these Starbucks tricks!