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Caroline Pangestu
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Little Red Riding Hood _Girl and Husky

“Little Red Riding Hood”, also known as “Little Red Cape”, is a famous fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. The story has been changed considerably in its history and subject to numerous modern adaptations and readings.

Husky with adorable child. I want one. 

The Husky, not the child.

The greater majority of Kaibara's family are all dog owners. Kaibara's grandfather owned/owns dogs in conjunction with her grandmother, a Husky couple among them. The two later became the parents of Kaibara's own blue-eyed guard-dog Husky, Lios.

Mini Siberian Husky!

i have a full sized husky.maybe i will go for "fun sized" next time Alaskan klee kai (aka mini husky).They stay mini forever. i want one!