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a wood duck is swimming in the water
Male, Wood duck
a close up of a duck with red eyes
Spectacular Pic Of A wood Duck
a red bird sitting on top of a wooden fence
Neighborhood watch
a turkey is standing in the grass near some trees
2012 Turkey Season Forecast
Turkey Hunt
two turkeys are standing in the grass near trees
Unsung Secrets of Successful Turkey Hunting
Unsung Secrets of Successful Turkey Hunting
an image of a turkey with the words aiming point for shotguns and bow and arrow
Before Shooting a Turkey
Before Shooting a Turkey - Be sure you know when and where to shoot a turkey, and with which gun. In this article, we discuss distance concerns, how to prevent a mere wound, and how to take aim with a bow.
a large white and black turkey standing in the grass with it's head turned
Winners for the Male Poultry Photo Contest
Royal Palm Tom Turkey
a poster with different types of turkeys on it's back and front sides
Official Site for Realtree Camouflage Patterns and Team Realtree
Turkey Sub-species in North America #Realtreeinforgrphics
two turkeys with their wings spread out on the ground in front of some grass
Turkey Fever
two red birds sitting on top of a tree branch
Backyard Bird Photography Tips
Backyard Bird photography tips
two bald eagles standing on the edge of a body of water with their reflection in the water
Eagle Art for Sale - Fine Art America
"Eagle on Ice" ~ Photo by James Geddes: "This eagle seems to be pondering his reflection in the ice. What is he thinking? Does he realize it is a reflection? Or is he peering through the ice to the fish below ."..
a close up of a turkey's head with red, white and blue feathers
Coffee Lovin' Mom
wild turkey One morning when I lived in The Black Hills I woke up to the sound of wild turkeys...they sounded like gurgling water going over the rocks in Spring Creek by the house. I had to go to the window to see what was making that noise. It was a soft and musical noise, definitely not the loud gobble gobble you would expect.
an eagle is standing with its head turned to the side and it's eyes open
Eyes of Freedom