The Filming Location, of the Last Scene from Star Wars - The Force Awakens.

This will be me on a few weeks. So I just tell them to give me the gifts and go away

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I started learning Asl when I was thirteen, I'm 24 now and I just adopted a young deaf girl

“When you are truly genuine, there will invariably be people who do not accept you. And in that case, you must be your own badass self, without apology.” ~ Katie Goodman What does it mean to be unfuckwithable? It means being, becoming, and overcoming the pinnacle of yourself, in the moment, despi

<p>Five pairs of no-show socks from Disney with <i>Lilo and Stitch</i> themed designs.</p> <ul> <li>One size fits most </li> <li>90% polyester; 2% spandex </li> <li>Wash cold; dry low </li> <li>Imported </li> </ul>

I saw a lady in her 80's checking herself out in a mirror today. She said "Once I was young and beautiful. Now I'm just beautiful." SLAY

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