6 Ways to Push Your Limits [#infographic] #Limits #Success

6 Ways of Testing Your Own Limits

Couldn't have said it better myself. Cuddling to blankets and listening to the thunder storm alone

It hurts to be tossed aside when you don't try hard enough for a 'friend' to be satisfied. It hurts to feel like you are nothing because your 'best friend' completely ignores you, then pushes you around if you don't fight.

and then that time passed and I was left behind in the wake of your progress. Thanks for making me feel so worthless.

Be careful of who you pick as a friend, most people pretend to listen, but are only gathering information to judge you with.

So true. Word to the wise. If a person talked about u before she ll do it again. Some people are just not meant to get along. She acts like ur friend but her mouth says the other

Always remember your goals.

Think about why you started quotes quote fitness workout motivation exercise motivate workout motivation exercise motivation fitness quote f.

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