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someone is trying to put their hand on the internet hang on i have a meme for this
Reply Me Not || Taehyung x Reader - 33
a stuffed animal with glasses on it's face and some hearts in the background
seaguk⁷ on Twitter
a piece of paper with the words i really enjoy your company and i'm sorry that i'm bad at expressing my emotions sometimes sometimes but you genuinely mean a lot to me
Anxiety Problem
a drawing of a train with the caption'cho cho, the support train is here to tell you that everything will be okay, maybe not today but just believe in yourself and stay strong
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a drawing of a person sitting on the ground with text that reads, i like it when
Relatable Peanut
the most things are bad but you are the absolute best
yikes // bnha textfic //
an image of a cartoon character with hearts coming out of his head and the caption says, skiddale siddoodle the person reading this is beautiful
caged • lee taeyong | nct ✔
a cat wearing a party hat with the word bouxx on it's side
John Preskill on Twitter
a cat wearing a party hat and holding a wand with caption saying, you have been visited by the cat that tells no lies, congratulationss you
Whoosh. you will pass your exams | Whoosh / вжух
an outline drawing of a wizard with the caption'alkazam good luck on your exam '
Study hard for your finals guys!