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three small dogs are sitting in their kennels
-Repinned- Love the scroll work on the top of the doors.
an indoor caged in area with green grass
Bokhara Pet Resort, Williamsburg & Elk Rapids, Michigan
-Repinned- Small Dog Boarding Kennel.
the inside of a jail cell with people in it
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Photos of small dog apartments for boarding your small pets – Pet Resorts of America
two dogs are in their kennel at the animal hospital
A possible puppy pen idea .... for when we need to do that ... I love that the whelping box is incorporated, and that the gates can been half or full height. Safe and simple :)
a white cage with paw prints on the floor
PVC Dog Crates, Kennels, Puppy Play Pens, Whelping Boxes & Cages :: Whelping Pens :: Whelping Pen 36" high x 48" long x 48" wide - Pet Gates, Pet Beds, Pet Enclosures and Whelping Boxes
a room with some benches and pictures on the wall
WingWatcher Labs
Whelping room (needs to be reconfigured)
four small dogs are walking in a white fenced area
Amazing #Whelping Box Designs
two white baby gates in the middle of a living room with rugs on the floor
California, USA
indoor dog play area | Where our puppies are raised
an indoor dog kennel with lights on the ceiling and doors open to let in some fresh air
Most Luxurious Pet Hotels In Los Angeles
barkley pet hotel in la | Most Luxurious Pet Hotels In Los Angeles « CBS Los Angeles
a dog sitting on the floor in front of a kitchen
100 Decorative Indoor Dog Gates Enhance Your Home
Low Rise Pet Containment System
a dog kennel with two dogs laying on the floor and one cat in it's cage
The Rabbit House
Don't confine your house bunny to a cage, bunny proof a room or several rooms or you're whole house!
a dog is sitting in its cage on the floor
The Dog Suite - IKEA Hackers
The Dog Suite from Kura bed. Ikea Hack & DIY
two pictures side by side one with a dog and the other with a bed
Praktic Ideas | Craft and Woodworking Projects To Do At Home
DIY Dog Bed Using Wooden Pallets: Such wonderful ideas. These are on my Honey do list.
a baby gate in the corner of a room with other items on the wall and around it
A Yorkie isn't just a breed, it's a way of life.
Dog Room