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Indonesian-Style Collard Greens Curry (Gulai Sayur)

Gulai Sayur (Indonesian-Style Collard Greens Curry) The key step in making this Indonesian dish is to create a base of flavors by gently sweating the paste of chiles, turmeric, ginger, and garlic before stewing the collard greens in coconut milk.

Jajanan pasar - Indonesian traditional snacks

Jajan Pasar (kue basah) khas Indonesia by ~artemiscrow on deviantART Indonesian traditional snacks and sweets

Nasi Uduk (savoury coconut rice) from Daily Cooking Quest. One of my favourite ways to eat rice.

I have been saving the recipe for nasi uduk for some sort of celebration, and this being my recipe (yay!) is a valid cause to celebrate, no? ♥ Nasi uduk is made from rice (especially jasmine rice) cooked in coconut milk and multitude of spices .

gado-gado + sambal pecel...

pecel is the most popular vegetables in peanut sauce ,almost always eaten as is, but pecel is sometimes eaten as is and sometimes accompanied with rice and called nasi pecel (pecel rice).

Resep Putu Mayang dan cara membuat |

The colorful kue Putu Mayang from Indonesia. It may looks like noodle, but actually it's a dessert cause it tastes sweet with the brown sugar sauce

Resep Masakan: Resep Klapertart Manado

Bahan : 750 ml fresh milk / susu murni segar 200 gr gula pasir 250 ml fresh cream cair 125 gr tepung maizena 75 gr tepung terigu .