Lee Kang Bin Turns Cups of Coffee Into Incredibly Beautiful Latte Arts

These latte arts from a Korean barista are simply awesome. Lee Kang Bin, the owner of a coffee shop C.

Naoki Onogawa Creates Amazing Bonsai Trees Through Tiny Origami Cranes

Origami is derived from the words 'ori' meaning folding or to fold and 'kami' meaning paper, which literally means the art of paper folding.

Anna Keville Joyce And Her Gorgeous Foodstyling Art

Anna Keville Joyce, originally from the US, is definitely one talented food stylist. Anna was born into an artistic family.

Impressive 3D Technique of Painting On Glass By Artist Jean-Pierre Weill

Jean Pierre Weill is a self established artist who makes paintings on multiple layers of glass He started it 25 years ago and mastered it in time, even gave it a name.

Andrés Moncayo, An Art Director Created Awesome Chiclets Mask Designs

An illustrator named Andrés Moncayo created fun masks for a variant of Chiclets gum flavor.

These Handmade Origami Lighting Shades By Orikomi Are Simply Perfect

Britta Böeckmann Designs Nature Inspired Jewelleries Made Of Scrap Woods And Resins

The creative jewelleries made from combination of sustainable woods and colorful resins will make your eyes blink. It was early 2014 when artist Britta

These Fish-Shaped Clocks That Move Their Tails Will Add Excitement To Your Home

I am super passionate about fish and ocean life and I also like to make things, so I combined the two and made a completely new type of clock which I called