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Woodworking projects
Small DIY Polishing Machine
an assortment of wooden toys with different colors and shapes on them, all in various sizes
Tomogram, a Designer Toy to Spark your Child's Creativity - Petit & Small
Design studio Tomogram has designed a playful collection of toys made of various materials, shapes, and colour combinations. Kids can build their own figure and create multiple combinations. To have the choice of assembly and disassembly of the various parts, and painting will be a powerful tool for your children to express individuality and through a simple creation, can change it into their own toy.
a person is working with some wood
diy woodworking tools #Woodworkingtools
a wooden table sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to two stools
I made a desk with adjustable height and angle
I made a desk with adjustable height and angle - Imgur
a table sawing machine sitting on top of a box
How to Start Woodworking in a Basement or Apartment
Another great dust control accessory is FastCap's ChopShop saw hood, which helps prevent miter-saw-created dust and debris from spraying all over the place. Designed for contractors working in a customer's home, the saw hoods do their job well and can be folded up and stowed for storage. The Big Gulp dust hood is an alternative that can be connected to a dust-collection system for use with a variety of power tools. -
a person is holding some glue and other items
The 100 Handiest Shop Tips
Check out a collection of some of our favorite workshop tips and DIY ideas through the years from readers and editors at The Family Handyman.