Celine Setiawan

Celine Setiawan

Celine Setiawan
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For me, this picture describes how I feel when I listen to music. The world becomes bright and wonderful.plus, there's a REALLY cute guy there. Yoshino from Zetsuen no Tempest


Commission for I was asked to draw Rich, a Zorua boy , holding a bone with his mouth He is so adorable, thanks for commissioning me! Type of commission: Faceshot + Extra Gijinka design ( c ) Heyits.


he was found infrount of a school yard. he is 17 and he is a very quiet person. he is shy but is very helpful and playful(Actually Ayato from Diabolik lovers)

「楽しい本丸【刀剣乱舞】」/「えこー」の漫画 [pixiv]

Prepare yourself Kane-san, we are going to have crazy monkey sex tonight, and you're going to let me be on top this time around!