Celine Valleri

Celine Valleri

Celine Valleri
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Гаджил Редфокс, Грей Фулбастер и Нацу Драгнил

Gajeel wearing Levi's clothes, Gray wearing Juvia's clothes, and Natsu wearing Lucy's clothes! I'm counting this as shipping be use their wearing their other girl's clothes natsu looks confused grey is sweating and gajeel looks angrey

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My mom: stop watching itaweebi swim class and come join the family. My mom: every part is a goo part Me: My point My mom: GET OUT HERE

So true

Yup I'm fucking Lucifer bitches (XD I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE THAT CAME FROM! Obviously my friends are a bad influence on me. Just kidding they're a wonderful influence)>>>lucifer from tdiapt right