Wearing glasses with hijab often 'alter' the shape of the hijab around the face. Have it 'softly wrapped' around the face accommodate the glasses without altering its shape around the face.

This is a fun and easy 2 minutes hijab tutorial to wear with glasses, it& so easy and simple for everyday wear and with the sunny days coming it will work also for sunglasses!

By matching the colour of the hijab to the gold motifs on the abaya, you add visual interest and sophistication to your ensemble.

Inspired by our love for Calligraphy, this one of a kind Abaya is the perfect…

The key to eliminating a gaping neck in this loose hijab style is to pin at the neck only after you have done the folds.

Side draped hijab styles are the most popular not only among young women but for all Hijabis in gene.

Here's another 'softly wrapped' hijab style.

Welcome back with another easy gorgeous Hijab tutorial for glasses, the sunny days are already here so this works also for sunnies, this hijab style is comfortable and loose enough for this hot season!

Another 'softly wrapped' hijab style.

Check out this easy loose hijab style to wear with glasses, this look is gorgeous for summer times using sunglasses. You can try on any kind of glasses, the scarf arround your face shape is too loose to ensure a…