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several key chains with various cartoon characters on them
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four charms are attached to each other on a white sheet with hearts and strawberrys
gummy on Instagram: "part 2 of today’s nana-inspired drop! 🎸 [sold thanks a bunch <3] ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ —: ✧ :— dm to purchase with payment methods listed in my policies or to ask for an item to be listed on my etsy! — there will roughly be a 6.5% additional fee for etsy listings ⋆ˊˎ ❕[please review highlights before purchasing] ♡ slide 2 - strawberry glass keychain set: $24 [SOLD] — 4 inches ♡ slide 3 - nana & hachi-inspired phone charm set: $15 [SOLD] — 3 inches + 2.5 inch straps [made with glass,
a keychain with various charms on it sitting on top of a white cloth
several charms are laying on top of each other in the shape of hearts and stars
a keychain with a cartoon character and beads hanging from it's side
miffy cherry phone charm
two keychains with charms attached to them on a white surface, one has a baby's name tag and the other has an infant's picture
kiwychu! 's Shop - Depop
three charms are attached to each other on a white surface with yellow stars and beads
Matching ‘Little Twin Stars’ Inspired Phone Charms... - Depop
five different necklaces hanging on a wall with beads and charms attached to the strings
two pairs of red and green beaded earrings with dangling charms on white table top
.・。.・゜❀・.・❁・゜・。. cherry earrings made of stainless... - Depop
two pairs of piercings are attached to jeans