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could also use stretch terry towelling to make your own turbie twist head wraps.

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Let's sew hijabs, jilbabs, khimars, abayas and everything else together!

cutting chador http://muhajabat.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/cmon-get-out-the-sewing-machines/

C’mon…get out the sewing machines!

Ive been meaning to do this for awhile, ive been accumulating sewing patterns found online for the modern Irani chadors and the plain, traditional chador. I know some of you have asked me for this …

How to sew al-Amira hijab. Base pattern. Detailed instructions. :: HelikaStyle

This is very popular hijab type. Very comfortable for young muslimah or for active sisters. We will sew now al-Amira hijab - 2 pie.

How to sew Jersey Short Khimar? Pattern, sewing tutorial and explanations :: HelikaStyle

Sewing tutorial for nice not very long jersey hijab called khimar. Sewing instruction and pattern axplanation find here and sew with HelikaStyle!

Cara Buat Pashmina Instan 2 lubang sendiri - YouTube

Cara Buat Pashmina Instan 2 lubang sendiri - YouTube