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Simple square hijab with glasses

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turban tutorial

Beautiful Blue Full Coverage Hijab Tutorial

Hijab Outfits Tumblr | Malaysian Inspired Loose Hijab Style

Statement necklaces have become a must have piece for every fashionista, they are glamorous, they add a sparkle to your look and spruce up any boring outfit you're wearing. As hijabis and with the chest coved, it's not quite easy…

Beautiful chest coverage hijab

Hijab Moderne : Le top 10 Tutoriels Hijab Pour Vos Soirées Que Chaque Femme Voilée Doit Savoir

Day 11 - I think I'm finally getting the hang of hijab pins - I guess I finally figured out how to get rid of the, erm, creases that happen when you tie the scarf from the back. HIJAB PINS TO THE RESCUE!! lol ... this was a good look for me; did it in 2 rounds - 1st time around, did Step 3 from the opposite side, and both times it worked pretty well :)