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Style de Kris EXO

The Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards are finally here, and the stars are out in full force! Soompi recently did a giveaway for tickets to this exciting event, a

Because music is music! #kpop

My mom is always like you don't even understand what they're saying so what's the point? But kpop is still music, and very good music might I say!

And I don't have to be Korean to enjoy Korean music. Problem? Good. ;)

Note: Some of the things I post on this board do NOT apply to me and/or necessarily reflect my own views. // I mean, yeah, I'm Asian? But I'm not Korean, and I don't necessarily like it just because I'm Asian.


KPop Fans Can Relate This is exactly why I'm single. Park Yoochun is busy filming movies and dramas in Korea.

one day my wish will come true... i don't care what everyone else thinks

yep soooooooo true and don't forget the look they give u which ays dafuq is dis crazy bish taslkin aboot