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"Twinkle Twinkle" EXO version xD I will sing this to my children! <<< I don't plan to have children so I'll just sing it to random children!

This is the boy group EXO after the problems that occured in the company, in regards to private issues.

i hope u can be happy exo ❤️ we all love u so much, hwaiting!

D.O High Cut #exo #exok #kyungsoo #highcut

O - EXO I just realized I'm 2 inches shorter than him.and I'm only my tall ass has no idea what is average, but at I'm already an inch taller than he is so idk

exo d.o

D____O Kyungsoo, have you been trying to hide your sexiness? The shortest member of EXO is keeping secrets under his shirt. // Kyungsoo strikes again.

#EXO #Kyungsoo

Don't know what he's doing but it looks like he's trying to blow a balloon away. Oh Kyungsoo.