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The news of Kim Woo Bin's Nasopharynx Cancer diagnosis is heartbreaking, especially considering his most recent drama Uncontrollably Fond. Let's hope he is able to fully recover from this rare disease.

Sexiest cat I've ever seen #kimwoobin #kimwoobinfans #uncontrollablyfond

KIM WOO BIN❤️ UNCONTROLLABLY FOND❤️ This is my favourite pic of him so far. far better than any of the posed looking ones. this is much more appealing. it at least looks "real".

Kim Woo Bin isn't recognized on the streets? |

In a recent interview, Kim Woo Bin responded to the interviewer's comment that he seemed to be unaware of attention on him, meaning he'd walk around o…

Kim Woo Bin - I don't know what it is about him.. but yummm

I seriously hope his cancer isn't serious cause he is an amazing actor and such a good person. Get well soon.