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How to repair sweaters with holes?
Ripped Sweater? Here's How to Mend It
For detailed video content, please click the link to watch. No more throwing out sweaters with holes, watch this video and learn how to fix them.
a knitted sweater with two patches on the front and one patch in the back
Purl on Pearl.
two wooden knobs sitting on top of a pink and brown blanket
Visible mending with Celia Pym and more stitching inspiration
an image of a piece of cloth with holes in it
French Mending - Mrs. Easton
someone is sewing something on the table with their hands and sweater in front of them
an old book with some type of knitting machine on it's page and the text underneath it
Astonishing Estonian Darns
a close up of a sweater with embroidered patches on it
Visible Mending of Woollens - Little Conkers
an old book with instructions on how to do something in the style of doodling
Terry Dresbach (Outlander Costume) on X: "https://t.co/19enyl5Kkf" / X
a knitted piece of cloth with yellow and black stripes on it's surface
Jeans and Patches