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7 Trees Every Mushroom Hunter Should Know - YouTube
How to Identify an Elm Tree. Ideal for providing shade in backyard and along neighborhood streets, the elm tree is one of the most common trees. Its many varieties are present all over the world. There are more than 30 species of elm, but...

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Giant Puffball Mushrooms: Identification, Foraging, and Recipes
Learn how to make chaga tea at home, with this guide covering everything from foraging to brewing. Chaga tea makes a great healthy alternative to coffee! #chaga #tea #foraging #herbaltea


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a glass jar filled with dirt next to other items
How To Harvest Chaga For Yourself (& How To Use It)
Discover what chaga is, how to harvest chaga mushroom yourself, and what to do with it afterwards. #chaga #foraging #wildfood #homesteading
a person holding up a piece of bark on a tree
CHAGA: The Super Mushroom
four different pictures with mushrooms in them and the words foraging for pheasant back mushrooms
Foraging For Pheasant Back Mushrooms
When foraging for mushrooms in the spring, look for these meaty, flavorful pheasant back mushrooms! The Homesteading Hippy via @homesteadhippy
Vegetable Garden, Foraging Mushrooms, Foraging Plants, Medicinal Wild Plants, Food Foraging, Medicinal Weeds, Chaga Mushroom Benefits, Herbs For Health
Foraging and Harvesting Chaga Sustainably + Chaga Benefits
a tree that has been cut down with the words learning to force for mushrooms it's easy as taking a walk in the woods
Start Learning to Forage for Mushrooms
Learning to Forage for Mushrooms And Here We Are...
mushrooms growing on the side of a tree with text overlay reading foraging birch polypore used medically for 500 years
Birch Polypore: Identification & Uses
Birch Polypore mushrooms (Fomitopsis betulina, formerly Piptoporus betulinus) are potent medicinals with a long history of being used by humans for herbal medicine. This easy to identify mushroom grows on birch trees and is relatively common anywhere birch are present.
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5 Edible Mushrooms Identification: Beginner Mushroom Foraging
many different types of mushrooms growing on trees and shrubs in the woods with caption below
mushrooms growing in the woods with text overlay that reads, 5 easy to identify edible mushrooms
8 Easy to Identify Edible Mushrooms
Let's go mushroom hunting in the forest! Mushrooms are one of the most fun things to learn how to forage for, but it can be an intimidating and sometimes dangerous practice! Learn how to identify and forage for these wild mushrooms. Each are common and easy to identify, even for a beginning forager! #forage #foraging #mushrooms #wildmushrooms
mushrooms are growing on the bark of trees
5 of the Best Mushrooms to Grow on Logs
there is a hand that is holding some food in it's palm and the words, 50 tips to spot morels
DNR News Releases
many different types of mushrooms and their names
Edible Fall Mushrooms
a hand holding a white mushroom on the side of a tree with text overlay reading foraging lion's mane mushrooms edible & medical
Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus): Identification & Uses
small white flowers growing out of the ground
Ghost Pipe: A Hauntingly Rare Plant for Physical and Emotional Pain