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This is one of those manual “tricks” that helps to open up that shoulder range of motion… really damn quickly 🧙‍♂️ - This one in particular is working through the muscles in the chest which can greatly impact your shoulder 🔥 This move really is incredible - Give this a try and let me know how it feels! 🕺🏻 - As always, if this move causes you pain, decrease the range of movement. If pain persists, stop the exercise! 🤗
This move is incredible 🤩 Such an easy fix that you can do anywhere! - Manual pressure mixed in with movement is pure magic and can do a lot to help “relax” muscles 🕺🏻 - Give this a try, take your time, and let me know how this feels for you 🔥 - As always, if this move causes you pain, decrease the range of movement. If pain persists, stop the exercise! 🤗


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Drink this before sleep and wake up with less weight every d
Drink this before sleep and wake up with less weight every d
a woman doing exercises for her stomach and chest, with the text below that reads 12 core exercises for flat - tone abs
Deep Core Exercises
12 Deep Core Exercises and text that says 12 Deep Core Exercises for Flat, Toned, Abs & a Snatched Waistline
Fitness, Belly Fat Workout, Lower Belly Fat, Lower Belly Pooch, Lower Belly Workout, Lose Belly Fat, Lower Belly, Lose Belly, Fitness Body
Exercises that Get Rid of Lower Belly (Pooch) Fat
a woman doing yoga with the words how to perform somatic stretching for emotion release
Somatic Stretching Workout for Beginners
Somatic Stretching Workout for Beginners - learn how to use a somatic workout to heal your body and soul. These 7 somatic stretching movements will take your emotional health to the next level. somatic yoga | somatic therapy | somatic stretches | how to stay health | health and wellness | self care and wellness ideas
a woman is doing yoga on the floor in front of a quote that reads, your hips thank you in the form of letting go of old tension when you practice holding and breathing in this shape
122K views · 5.9K reactions | Forever amazed at sensations the hips can bring up. There's so much to dive into while holding this one. Try holding for 5-10 slow breaths✨ | Mandy Froehlich | a.blomqvist_ · Original audio
Crossfit, Chiropractic, Upper Back Pain, Scoliosis Exercises, Back Pain Relief, Posture Correction, Improve Posture
Kyphosis Exercises to Treat a Rounded Upper Back
Marathon Training, Motivation, Hip Strengthening Exercises, Stability Exercises, Knee Exercises, Knee Pain Relief, Hip Workout, Back Pain Exercises, Runners Knee
Hip Stability Exercises to Prevent ITBS and Runner’s Knee
⁉️ Hip Flexor Tightness? Try this out! Aim for 10-15 reps per side, and perform 2-3 sets, every day
HIP MOBILITY EXERCISE #workoutguide #legday #lowerbodyworkout #glutegains #gym
HIP MOBILITY EXERCISE thank me later 😘 the last two moves require lots of ankle mobility as well, if too advanced you can work on drills such as assisted deep squats, lunge rocks into dorseflexion & banded ankle mobilization 👣 #hipmobility #hipmobilitywork #mobility #mobilitytraining #mobilityroutine #fitnesstips #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #gymgoals #gymmotivation #fyp
a woman standing on a yoga mat with the words 9 exercises to stabilize weak hips
9 Exercises To Stabilize Your Hips And Strengthen The Glutes
Bulletproof Your Hips with The PT Initiative
Struggling with tight hips? You keep stretching but it don't see results? Here's an easy mobility exercise that will help open those hips and promote stability. Click the link for more on mobility with The PT Initiative!
Inner Thigh Fat Loss at Home | Tap the Link to get Started.