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Chelsea Christie
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I love this man

Markiplier, the man who survived the tragedy of losing a friend. Markiplier, the man who will let down his defenses for almost 10 million people. Markiplier, a true hero.

this why we love Mark

Mark has the sweetest heart This video made me melt. Why does he have to be so adorable!~~~He's so sweet, I love it how he's not all awkward but actually cares for the crying baby

Last but not least, when you're met by SILENCE = Your arse is in deep, deep, shit! One step from being fired, breaking the camel's back comes to mind unless you can sell ice to the Eskimos or sand in the desert to dig you out!

Coffee Shop AU by chaoticshero on DeviantArt

I drew this last month but wasn't sure if I should post it yet. So here it is :> I have a weakness for coffee shop AUs. Funny thing, there's a Starbu.