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27 things to do with students who are not paying attention. Good list.

Pay attention, please…

Sometimes it is the students who are bored and sometimes it is the instructor who is boring. Engaged students pay attention. This work by Mia MacMeekin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribut…

Refer to this useful chart of critical thinking skills when lesson planning -- Bring it, Common Core!

Critical Thinking Skills

A poster created for our English language arts and social studies departments (humanities) to use in their classroom, as well as in the library.

Whole class journals..each student can write in them on a certain topic and the class can read them at different time. Great 'I'm finished early' activity & Great for the writing center! Also for daily 5!

Monday Made It - Hall Pass and Writing Journals

I am linking up once again with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics with my newest creation. I was inspired to make a "Hall Pass/Where are you going?" thing-a-mi-gig from a pin that I saw. I don't know if that's a word, but I use it all the time, and spell check didn't catch it. Here's how it turned out... Basically I used the Dollar Store Pizza Pan and added ribbon and wood letters to define the different places my students travel during the day when they aren't with me. C= Classroom B= Bathroom O…

10 Nonfiction Activity Ideas for Kids!

10 Nonfiction Activity Ideas for Kids

10 Nonfiction Activity Ideas for Kids!

27 Ways to Greet Students

Student Success Infographics – An Ethical Island

Posts about Student Success Infographics written by Mia

teacher binder!

Teacher Binder

***updated with 2020-2021 calendars***This binder will help you keep everything in one place! Download once and update the time sensitive portions (calendars, etc.) and additional improvements for free each year!You will receive this binder in two formats: Adobe PDF and EDITABLE MS PowerPoint versio...

35 Uses for Post It Notes in the Classroom | Minds in Bloom

Three Reasons Why: Creative Questions to Ask Kids - Minds in Bloom

Have you heard of the game "Three Reasons Why?" It's a thought-provoking game that lists creative questions to ask kids. Their answers might surprise you!

Reflective Teaching - Free Journal! - Fairy Dust Teaching. A good idea to bring closure to each day so I don't think about it all evening.

Reflective Teaching – Free Journal!

Click on reflection page to download. I think if there is one thing that has made the most impact on my teaching - it would be my reflective practice. At the end of the day I always take a moment to look at how the day went. I do not linger on my answers. Rather, I write down what immediately comes to mind. It does not take long to quickly review your day. (This is also a great tool to use with student teachers in your care.) Here are some of the benefits of a reflective practice: your…

Participate, please!

It’s really time to participate, Part 2

This work by Mia MacMeekin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Free Gradebook Page

Will the real BCI please stand up?

As reported today in the UK’s The Register, a research team based at the University of Maryland is scheduled to publish a breakthrough in brain computer interfacing in this week’s issue…

Regardless of subject, this is a great guide on how to approach research.

How To Do Research - An Interactive Map

One of the challenges that every student faces at one time or another is conducting focused and efficient research. The folks at the Kentucky Virtual Library know this and put together an interactive map of the research process for students. The map, titled How To Do Research, walks students through the research process from start to finish with every step along the way. One of the things about this map that school librarians will like is that it is not focused solely on web research. How To…