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If you know me, you know that: 1. I hate liars. 2. I am loyal. 3. I am ..... #Scorpio

10 Amazing Yoga Poses For Your Kids To Keep Them Fit And Healthy

The Complete Guide to Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

My daily morning yoga routine. Helps me feel ready.

Emotions Yoga

Feelings Yoga for Kids: talk about feelings through movement | Kids Yoga Stories

I've been doing a similar version of this with my 3 yr. old and he very much enjoys it. I like this version too...I'll try it.

We made this little freebie because we decided to do a little yoga to transition our kiddos into learning mode after lunch recess. With state test coming this would be great to implement in your classroom to help you students relax before and after the test.

Yoga for Kids: A Walk Through the Garden

Take a walk through nature with this garden themed yoga routine for kids. Suitable for use toddlers to school aged children. Includes a free printable poster to use in the home or classroom.

8 Fun Yoga Poses That Your Kindergarten Kid Will Enjoy And Benefit From

OH I love this Yoga Kid poster! It has a different yoga pose for every letter of the alphabet. This is a wonderful way to cross our learning of exercise with our learning of literacy skills.

Calm Down Yoga Routine for Kids: Printable

Calm Down Yoga Routine for kids - help children manage big emotions