Twin Star Exorcist

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My Feelings by AltheaJade on DeviantArt

"Since the very first time I met you, I..." Adashino Benio from Sousei no Onmyouji/Twin Star Exorcists. I really love this manga, so recently I draw a l... My Feelings

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“Taiyin and Taiyang #双星の陰陽師 #化野紅緒 #ろくろ #SouseinoOnmyouji #TwinStarExorcists #ろく紅 #rokubeni”

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Browse pictures from the anime Sousei no Onmyouji (Twin Star Exorcists) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Magano, a parallel realm filled with monsters known as "Kegare," is a place where exorcists deal with all impurities. Benio Adashino is a prodigy exorcist who is recognized for her strength and is summoned to Tokyo by the Exorcist Union. On her way, she plummets into the arms of Rokuro Enmadou, a young exorcist with a troubled past. But the impurities of Magano do…

Sousei no Onmyouji || Valentine's Day

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The latest media Tweets from 助野嘉昭‎@双星23巻発売中 (@sukeno0723). 『双星の陰陽師』『先輩が僕を殺(ト)りにきてる』『貧乏神が!』双星試し読み? 日本 大阪