Muddy buddies recipe

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Pumpkin Spice Buddies... Just like the puppy chow ... But better!

Open Face Sandwiches with Avocado, Egg and Smoked Salmon

Pumpkin Spice Buddies Open Face Sandwiches with Avocado, Egg and Smoked Salmon Pineapple Infused Vodka - Yum!

Caramel Apple Puppy Chow ~ all your favorite flavors of a caramel apple in this no-bake snack recipe!

Caramel Apple Puppy Chow | Deliciously Sprinkled

Caramel Apple Puppy Chow ~ all your favorite flavors of a caramel apple in this no-bake snack recipe!

Thin Mint Puppy Chow: With this puppy chow recipe, every season is Girl Scout cookie season. Click through for more puppy chow recipes you won't be able to put down!

28 Puppy Chow Recipes That Are Straight Up Addictive

Warning: One handful leads to another ... and another ... and another.

Caramel Brownie Muddy Buddies | a.k.a Puppy Chow

Caramel Brownie Muddy Buddies

These Caramel Brownie Muddy Buddies are a delicious and addictive caramel coated snack that offers a new twist to classic muddy buddies

Cookie Dough Muddy Buddies on #chexmix #cookiedough #dessert

Cookie Dough Muddy Buddies

Combine your two favorite sleep over snacks- Muddy Buddies meets cookie dough.

Tres Leches Muddy Buddies | a.k.a Puppy Chow

Tres Leches Muddy Buddies

Tres Leches Muddy Buddies made with white cake, caramel and evaporated milk, having all the flavors of the famous milk cake but in a tasty bite sized snack.

Cake Batter Puppy Chow - A Favorite! I made this on 10/29/14 and no one could keep their hands out of the bowl! Next time I make these, I am definitely going to use more chocolate. I prefer the cereal to be completely coated and I wasn't able to accomplish that with 10 oz. of chocolate. I added candy corn to the mix for Halloween. I will definitely make this's a quick and easy treat!

Cake Batter Puppy Chow!

This recipe is in honor of my very good friend Brandon who is currently serving the United States Air Force in Afghanistan. This week is his...

White Chocolate Reese's Muddy Buddies

Can you tell how much I've been loving white chocolate recently? Between the white chocolate cranberries, the white chocolate rice krispies, the peppermint white hot chocolate, and now these bad boys, I have been in heaven!

Caramel Apple Puppy Chow- (not the recipe on website) Apple Cinnamon Chex, butterscotch chips, caramel candies, powdered sugar, cinnamon

Sweet Spin on Puppy Chow!

I love love love puppy chow. I used to fill up on it before Thanksgiving. It would be sitting in pretty little silver bowls, just beckoning me. I could not resist. So when I saw this recipe months ago on The Smart Kitchen, I knew I'd have to try it. Oh, and the cereal had been on sale for a cool $2, so it was clearly a sign that this was meant to be. First time I made it, I followed her recipe to a [near] T. This last time I made it, I modified it a bit. Modified recipe = my favorite, so…

Carrot Cake Muddy Buddies.  A great and easy snack that is made with carrot cake mix.  #carrotcake #muddybuddies #dessert

Carrot Cake Muddy Buddies - Whats Cooking Love?

Carrot Cake Muddy Buddies. A great and easy snack that is made with carrot cake mix. #carrotcake #muddybuddies #dessert

Andes Mint Puppy Chow. These look delicious, can't wait to make these!! Brownie mix is in the recipe too, yummmmmy!

Andes Mint Puppy Chow

The Story: I have two older brothers and I can promise you I was the most annoying baby sister anyone could ever have. I always wanted to tag along, I always wanted to play with them and their legos and I always ordered the same thing as them at restaurants. I can still hear my brother Paul saying 'Copy cat! Copy cat!' as we stood at the counter at Mike's Diner. Apparently the bacon cheeseburger was only meant for him.... But when we went out for Mexican food, it was all peaceful until…

These sweet and buttery butterbeer muddy buddies are the perfect treat for Harry Potter parties and Fantastical Beast fetes. Grab your wand and conjure up this delectable dessert today!

Harry Potter Butterbeer Muddy Buddies

Harry Potter Butterbeer Muddy Buddies are made with rice Chex cereal, butterscotch, butter, toffee, and powdered sugar for a sweet and delicious snack!

Almond Joy Puppy Chow - Your Cup of Cake

Almond Joy Muddy Buddies

Almond Joy Muddy Buddies (Puppy Chow) covered in milk chocolate and coated in coconut flakes! Throw in some sliced almonds and there you go! A perfect summer treat to perfect for any lunch box :) It's also gluten free and peanut butter free!! Be sure to check out all my Puppy Chow Recipes! Don't forget to enter my giveaway! You could win 2 signed copies of my new cookbook 'Make it with a Cake Mix!' You guys… big things are happening in the kitchen! Stay tuned :) Almond Joy Muddy Buddies 6-7…

White Chocolate Monster Munch Chex Mix on

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White Chocolate Muddy Buddies |

White Chocolate Cinnamon Muddy Buddies

Muddy buddies should really come with a warning label. I mean, any great dessert is a little dangerous, sure. But muddy buddies are ridiculous. They should be clearly marked, "YOU WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE,