Chichi Neddrelia A

Chichi Neddrelia A

Thousand Sunny-Go  ·  Just a simple girl who love stars and the universe!
Chichi Neddrelia A
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I got: 100% Male! Can We Guess Your Gender Based On How Your Brain Works?

I got: Male! I am a female. not a Male XD I guess my mind is sharp. Can We Guess Your Gender Based On How Your Brain Works?

Contains spoilers for those who are yet to catch up with Season 5, obviously.

In Season 5 we saw Jorah kidnap Tyrion and sail past Old Valyria (contracting Greyscale on the way). This is exactly what was predicted by Quaithe when Daenerys and co. visit “the greatest city that ever was or will be”, Qarth, three seasons earlier.