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two people standing in an empty room with their shadows projected on the wall behind them
Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movement
the shadow of a man standing in front of a mirror
Human Time Mapping Art : time mapping
Human Time Mapping Art : time mapping
a person standing in the water with their arms spread out to catch some air as they swim
Bing Peña
inneroptics: “Bing Peña” 兵培尼亚
a person's hand under water in the dark
"si había escrito un nuevo poema, se lo recitaba mientras metíamos las manos en el agua fresco." p.3
the back of a woman's head with shadows on it
Lensblr: Photo
a close up of a person with their eyes closed
nicole autumn | Paris
Yoga, Yoga Flow, Yoga Photography, Yoga Meditation, Meditation, Yoga Life, Yoga Aesthetic Inspiration, Yoga Photos, Meditation Retreat
24 Types Of Meditation You Should Consider Trying | Tea & Rosemary
an image of water that is reflecting the sun in it's reflection on the ground
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two blue water ripples are seen in this image
Water Cool Blue Drop Swim iPhone 8 Wallpapers
Free download the Water Cool Blue Drop Swim wallpaper ,beaty your iphone . #abstract #simple #pattern #drop #swim #Ripple #aesthetic #Wallpaper #Background #iphone
an animal that is swimming in some water
water ripple #aesthetic