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a large buddha statue sitting on top of a snow covered ground next to a mountain
Buddha statue in the middle of winter storm. We saw this large statue just above the Langza village of Spiti valley during during a winter trip to this region. Located at a vantage point above the village, this point has some magnificent views to offer.
the inside of a tunnel with colorful lights on it's walls and walkways
Beautiful and colorful buildings line Haight Street in San Francisco
the walkway is lined with wooden slats
The Shops At Dos Lagos
an image of a large circular structure that is lit up in the night sky over water
The Falkirk Wheel Forth & Clyde
the interior of a restaurant with colorful lights and decorations
The Ultimate Vegan Food Guide to Salt Lake City, Utah - Alternative Travelers
a large red vase sitting in the middle of a body of water next to a city
Meitan Tea Museum in China
an ornate building with blue and green tiles on it's walls, in the middle of
History of Khorâsân and Central Asia تاریخ خراسان on Twitter
an aerial view of a large pool surrounded by lawn chairs and buildings in the background
Beyond the Taj Mahal: 5 Good Reasons to Visit Agra