The Far Side

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the cartoon shows men in orange suits and hats, with signs on their sides that say they're going to jail
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a man standing on top of a pier next to a pool with fish swimming in it
an image of a cartoon about camels being pulled by a cart with people on it
a cartoon depicting two men on a wooden platform
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an image of some people in the water with words above them that say,'we are
an image of a man sitting on rocks reading a book with the caption ooo now there's a nice one but last fall
"The Far Side" by Gary Larson.
a man is shaking hands with two dogs in front of an alien like structure that appears to be flying over him
Shnitheads salutes "The Far SIde"
a cartoon depicting two men on the beach with sunglasses and one is saying, bob wake
When Friendship is Tested
a cartoon depicting two cheetah sitting on a tree with the caption,'now we are just as lazy as you