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The veiled woman can now wear stylish and covered at the same time; with the big developing of the fashion industry, every veiled woman will not

Ruba Zai

Ruba Zai

I seriously don't know how to rock headpieces but this one from is just too beautifullll.

Ok, if you need any inspiration and motivation as a hijabi...... I SuGGEST THE ONE AND ONLY Ruba Zai

Major throwback to Marrakech😭 It seems like everyone is in Marrakech right now and I miss it SOOO much! Seriously thinking about going again❤️ Blouse and Scarf

Ruba Zai @hijabhills -

I know this place looks surreal and my photographer's got skills that are on a whole other level (loveya!

Ruba Zai

Affordable, stylish & modest Islamic clothing for women. Hijabs, maxi dresses, cardigans, modest sportswear & more.

Ruba Zai

Yesterday's Outfit Duster : (Eid Collection) jeans top scarf and shoes -- Photography by