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wolf fang imagine been face to face all alone in the woods with a wolf this angry remember never take your eyes from his

The original photo of this canine was not symmetrical like this image. I "cut" the original image in half vertically and tilted and otherwise distorted it to face head-on. I duplicated the layer an.

Indian Quotes About Wolves | animal black, pack, the pack, wolves, quotes, white, timber, lone wolf ...

Photographs of Wolves - Online art and photography contest. Wolves are such beautiful wild animals but not a lot of photographers get a chance to take a photo of them. Please submit a photograph that.

Wolf Quote

living with lupus / chronic illness quotes / origin of the name "lupus" The name by which this disease is known alludes to the Wolf -Lupus in Latin- because of the destructive injuries that can bring to mind the bites of this animal.