Vania Christiana Lie

Vania Christiana Lie

Vania Christiana Lie
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diy flower

paper flower-art from tissue paper.

god says

God's answer to your sad sayings and sighs. A nice chart showing you where to find the BIBLE VERSE PROOF that God never leaves you alone. incl Joshua 1 and Matthew end.

DIY IDEAS FOR GIRLS - Little paper frames

mommo design: DIY IDEAS FOR GIRLS This would also be cute for family photos. Not just for girls rooms. Maybe cute for pet pictures too. - Model Home Interior Design

after teaching barre

Always thought I was confident but as I get older I realise that real confidence is not worrying about other peoples opinions

This is a good idea to paint a scripture like this and hang it on the wall. Bible verse Psalm I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

DIY canvas, teacher canvas, quote canvas, great for a classroom!

This is a great thing to remember as you go through life. Every single one of your actions has consequences, those can be bad, or good!