Bond, James Bond

James Bond is a Time Lord.i have never seen any james bond movies but wow it really proves that gallifry falls no more if another time lord can go ad be james bond


Did you know: after Aragorn was laid to rest in Minas Tirith (with Merry and Pippin beside him), Legolas, who was at that time living in Lorien, built a boat to sail to the Undying Lands- and when he went, he took Gimli with him.

Mike He Jun Xiang

10 HOT Taiwanese actors who give Kdrama men a run for their money

Lan Ling Wang

Prince of Lan Ling Wang - Taiwanese drama Daniel Chen second lead two kings fighting over same love interest

hawick lau - ค้นหาด้วย Google

Now that it’s easier than ever to watch Chinese TV from around the world, Chinese television actors are gaining global popularity. There are many famous and talented Chinese television actors;

Lee Min Ho

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3 Heroes 5 Gallants

3 Heroes 5 Gallants

2015 HSDS

2015 HSDS