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7 Ways To Make New Friends More Easily

Rent prices are continuing to climb but homes are getting smaller and smaller. Are we in the Twilight Zone! You might not be able to magically expand your walls and floor space but you can do the next.

13 Questions That Are Red Flags If Your Partner Won't Answer Them

Over the course of your relationship, you'll run into plenty of topics that'll make either you or your SO uncomfortable. Things like money, or whether or not to move into together, can be tough to chat about — and even a little bit awkward.

10 kinds of men you will date after 40

Once you get beyond your the range of available men you can date gets narrower. Here are 10 of the most common types of men you will end up dating.

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10 Awkward Things Every Couple Should Consider Doing To Become Closer

For some of us (read: me) awkwardness is life. So when I spoke to relationships experts about how awkwardness can bring couples closer, I was all, "Yaaas!" I've always said that if I could channel my awkwardness into something positive, I'd be a supe…

The Leg Hug

The Leg Hug According to Wood, if your partner plays footsie with you in bed, or intertwines their legs with yours, it means they crave an emotional or sexual connection. A pair of tangled legs is also a sign that.

Create Budget Pin

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a monthly budget. If you are looking to gain your financial freedom, or are just simply tired of living paycheck to paycheck then you need to have a budget! Let’s start… Continue Reading →

Want a happier, healthier relationship? Give yourselves a weekly check up! Start with gratitude, then discuss your needs. Every couple needs a safe, regular place to talk about the hard stuff and prevent fights before they happen! Click through to learn how to conduct a weekly marriage check in xoxox

Companionship inventory, marriage meeting, weekly marriage check in - whatever you call it, if you want a healthy relationship, you should be doing it!

9 Ways To Flirt With Your Significant Other In A Long-Term Relationship

If you think that flirting is just a tool for meeting a partner, think again: Flirting when you’re in a long-term relationship is essential. For example, I was a friend’s house the other day and I glanced into the guest bedroom and caught her parents