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Popsicle Stick Catapult for Kids STEM Activity.

Build an easy popsicle stick catapult for a simple STEM activity for kids. A catapult is a great physics science experiment and engineering activity for kids. Try a catapult building activity for a kid's STEM project or science activity.

Making an Impressive Working Robotic Arm from Cardboard

Making an Impressive Working Robotic Arm from Cardboard

A Simple Guide to Teaching Resilience

While many succumb to the trauma of failure and lose confidence and performance, Resilient individual rise again, learn from their failure and improve their performance. Can Resilience be taught?

Character Education Lesson on Resilience for Teens

This Resilience unit is a crucial element for strengthening the core curriculum and ensuring our teenage students have a growth mindset and can bounce back from adversity so that they can succeed and reach their goals!

"How To Raise Resilient Children Who Never Give Up (Based on Science)".

This research-based article describes 5 steps parents can take to raise resilient kids who never give up. Growth mindset infographic by Big Life Journal.