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a tall building with a clock on it's side and a person standing in the doorway
Karshgar City in Xinjiang, which is at the border of North China. See the unique arcthitecture of the local people.
several carved faces on the side of a building
The Maya’s Mystifying Collapse – Has the Truth Finally Been Uncovered?
an old wooden door is open on a stone building
ArtPropelled: Photo
ArtPropelled : Photo
an adobe building in the desert with palm trees
Amazing sand castle in the desert
Amazing sand castle in the desert
an old wooden windmill with a red roof
Hüven - Hüvener Mühle 04
The photo shows the Hüvener mill,…
a small wooden building with a water wheel on the front and side of it, surrounded by lush green grass
Woodworking Project Gallery | Wood-Mizer Personal Best Contest
See Personal Best project winners at
a small house with a thatch roof and stairs
Bamboo Lumbung House, Bali. Indonesia
lumbung 1 wna
an old stone building made out of rocks
circular dry stone wall hut - Google Search