Chully Husein

Chully Husein

do the best, GOD will do the rest
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Batik Amarillis Made in Indonesia : proudly Presents..... Batik Amarillis's Joie de Vivre dress 2015 ....This Edwardian's era classy Dress inspired ,features pleated and piping details. it's Lovely for any occasions!

Nicole // Sydney The beautiful Nicole of blogger platform, FELLT, manages to continuously outshine her previous posts. The beautiful girl knows how to dress and her whimsical images keep any viewer scrolling for days!

Batik blazer by Batik Amarillis

Cute Batik Dress by Edward Hutabarat

NB! The poster is not from a hadits or any other Islamic source! Thees are just a motivational words that means to remind that every success in life comes trough performing your 5 daily salat.