Humans of Surabaya

This profiles the people of Surabaya and their stories of living or not living in harmony.
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Founded in 1951 with a handful of girls, the Ashok Hall Girls' Higher Secondary School has blossomed into one of the premier educational institutions of the country. The school is recognized by the State Government. It is permanently affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
This is my little's brother nanny. She thinks that harmony is a peaceful and she feels harmony with her family that they always be sharing advice with her family.- Bryan Owen/6C
His name is Tony (the guy on the left side). When Tony was a 10 years old,he can't walk because of the accident at school when he was playing soccer.He was afraid that his family will throw him away because he is useless.But when his family knew he can't walk,his family helped him to walk again with love and care.He will always remembered the time when his family treated him with care so that he can walk again.Today,he can walked easily and he really thanked his family.By:Grace/6C
Nikko Setiawan : He lives in harmony with his brother, sister, mother, and father. His family never had any big,bad event (vandalism fight, near-divorce, ect). He also has no problem with friends and avoid bullies, ect. As far as i know, he is the most adult-acting kid i've ever met. By : Erick. J (sorry, I coulnd't take his picture)
his name is ahmad.his little brother was lost because he is kidnaped and died.his family seperate because they always fight every he live happily with his wife and dauhter. BY:YAN
His name is Muhammad Ilman. He is about 45 years old right now. He lives in Surabaya City as a driver. He has one wife and one son. He still has parents. He never get serious illness or accident. His wife stays at home as a housewife and raise their son. They have a small house and a car. They live in harmony as a family and they are a happy family. He loves his family and his parents. They like to go vacation together to Surabaya Zoo with his lovely son. by : Joshua S Grade 6B
Her name is Sulastri.She lives in harmony because personally she is a patient, she is kind, she is helpfully to all her friends and families.By:Felycia 6c
He is Adam.He worked at my house as a maid.He spent his life by living in harmony but for the last 3 years he is not living in harmony.His parents died 3 years ago and he doesn't have any job.He's having a hard time,that's why he worked at my house to collects money,also to live in harmony & he made it.Now he is living in harmony.He really loves his family.It's a destiny for loosing his parents in a young age.As he worked,he will never forget about how his family's love to him.By:Sydney/6C
His name is Farhat abbas.He lives in harmony at the first time.But after then,he divorced with his wife and seperated with his son too.But after he married another woman,he now knows how to live in harmony.So now,when he saw his old wife,he is very happy until he thinks that she is his wife again.BY:ZOE
Her name is Narti. She is 38 years old. A couple of years ago she and her husband always complain to each other about little things, but years later their daughter grew up and she help her parents to live in harmony, so now Narti and her family lives in harmony. ~Angela 6A~