Citra Hikmah Fajar

Citra Hikmah Fajar

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Love how this looks and how low maintenance with out having to worry about roots.

Cool caramel #Balayage @studioposh29 More

best remedies for every beauty problems

Homemade Mask: - 1tbsp unflavored gelatin - 2-3 tbsp milk - spoon - small bowl - makeup brush Directions: 1. Pour milk into gelatin 2. Mix together then put in microwave for 15 secs 3. Quickly put on face with makeup brush(make sure it's not too hot) 4. Let it dry then peel off @foodguidlines

The belly button, ankles and behind the knees are surprising areas which carry fragrance for a long-lasting effect

Underarm skin can become darker due to various factors

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