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a drawing of a demon kneeling on top of a rock with an arrow in it's hand
sketches, F艾服
a wolf with glowing eyes sitting on a ledge
CM: Moonlit night by Hitmore
Jambo on Twitter: "三者三様、描き分け出来たかも?其々の部隊長とか増やしたい気分… " Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Characters, Character Art, Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy Character Design, Creature Concept, Character Design Inspiration, Creature Design
JamBo on X
Jambo on Twitter: "三者三様、描き分け出来たかも?其々の部隊長とか増やしたい気分… "
Dc Comics, Marvel, Character Design, Fantasy Art, Character, Bat, Mecha
a drawing of a yellow and black robot
an image of a character from the video game gremir holding a hammer and standing next to a wolf
an old woman and a wolf are standing next to each other, one is holding a stick
three different types of wolfs are shown in this drawing technique, and one is showing the
an info sheet shows how to draw furry animals in different poses and sizes, including the tail