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The Duck

Hey guys, After an entire year, I finally opened my box of LEGO's to let my imagination run wild. While thinking of many ideas, I thought to make LEGO animals, and.


Parenting Tips - Dr. Robyn Silverman - Professional Speaker, Author, Child Development Specialist, Body Image Expert, Success Coach the Creator of the Powerful Words Character Development System

Here is an interesting infographic that will show some great facts about life insurance.

Money is a huge worry to lots of people, but on financemoneytips. there's stuff about everything from buying insurance to responsibly financing a new car - really useful info!

What Are Bonds? A Great Infographic From Mint.com

Ever notice how nobody ever says “bonds and stocks”? Mint puts the supposedly safe-and-boring part of your portfolio in the spotlight. The bond market is way bigger than the stock market and it’s time to get schooled, Bonds 101 style.