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a book cover with black, white and green shapes on the bottom right hand corner
garadinervi : repertori
an open book with chinese writing on it and two hands holding the pages in front of them
Instructions for the Paper People Hold the Bowl Talisman (紙人拿碗符).
two red paper cutouts with chinese characters on them, one in the shape of a lion
臉書打卡 瘋.神‧紀創意推廣道教 - 兩岸藝文
an abstract painting with black, yellow, red, green and blue squares on it
Kumi Sugai, Signal C, 1974. 56 x 76 cm.
a poster with an image of a person's head and the words who?
Masanori Ushiki
Designer・Artist 牛木 匡憲
an envelope and business card designed to look like the chinese wording for beauty supply
氏デザイン -
an image of graffiti written in black and white
Ira Ivanova
PPCM DVOR facebook events covers - ira ivanova
three different types of skateboards sitting on top of each other
Xinobi by Bráulio Amado
PAUL LAFFOLEY - Google Search Art, Album Art, Famous Artists, Artist, The Doors Of Perception, Artwork, Artist Art
PAUL LAFFOLEY - Google Search
a group of people riding on the back of horses in front of a rock wall
Album Covers II - Art by Nate James
Album Covers II - Art by Nate James
a collage of black and white photos with red circles in the center, surrounded by men's heads
Album Covers - Art by Nate James
Album Covers - Art by Nate James
a black and red logo with the words, art core gangsta alliance on it
an eye with dots on it is shown in black and white, as well as the words'lito kuva '
Jukka Veistola
an orange and black advertisement for furniture
Daily Design Discoveries - Get A Fresh Look & Feel - Page 2
vintage ads for Herman Miller (above Timeline advertisement, c. 1960) >> via