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three women with different colored faces and the words art apps for teachers written below them
Apps for the Art Classroom - The Arty Teacher
Art Apps for Art Teachers Teaching with iPads and Apps in the Art Classroom. #arted #iPadArt
an advertisement for the first day of school, featuring images of people in different colors
Top Art Teacher Blog Posts of 2018 from Art Class Curator
Six works of art with discussion questions and creative activities that make perfect first day of school art lessons for art teachers of any grade.
a desert landscape with cactus trees and mountains in the background at night, with a full moon
10 Digital Art Projects That Will Spark Student Creativity
an art room with red and white checkered flooring, yellow walls and chairs
8 Ways to Use Digital Drawing in the Art Room
The Art of Education University - 8 Ways to Use Digital Drawing in the Art Room
four computer monitors sitting on top of a desk in front of a whiteboard with the words 4 thoughtful tips for teaching a new digital arts
4 Insightful Tips for Teaching a New Digital Arts Curriculum
an image of a man with glasses and words in the shape of he is looking at something
Photoshop CS4: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words
Fun Photoshop tutorial that replaces color with words.
the best digital art books for kids and adults to read in their own home or office
24 BEST Digital Art Books for ALL Artists
Check out this list of top 24 digital art books for artists of all skill levels and improve your digital art