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Lechuza Cubico Premium Planter

100% Recyclable Frost & UV Resistant Award Winning Self-Watering System First Class German Engineering Indoor Planter Only

Kenwood Artificial Grass Planter

{$tab:description} BRING YOUR INTERIOR TO LIFE Nothing looks more natural or brings your interior environment to life like ornamental grasses. Petals offers a variety of artifcial grass plants for your home and office, but the Kenwood Grass Plant is one of our favorites. {$tab:DETAILS} 24" Height x 32" Width Lifelike Ornamental Grass Arrives Fully Shaped & Ready to Display Decorative Container Sold Separately Shown in our 16"W x 32"H White Satin Tall Uptown Container Choose From a Variety…

Strelitzia reginae Strelicja królewska | Zielony-Parapet

Strelitzia reginae Strelicja królewska Gatunek pochodzący z Afryki Południowej, wyróżniający się efektownym, niezwykle oryginalnym kwitnieniem. Dorasta do około 100-120 cm wysokości. Zjawiskowe, okazałe kwiaty w pięknym, intensywnym, pomarańczowo-niebieskim kolorze pojawiają się wiosną i utrzymują nawet 6 miesięcy. Kształtem przypominają one kolorowego ptaka, stąd zwyczajowa nazwa rośliny 'Rajski ptak'. Kwiaty charakteryzują się nie tylko pięknym ubarwieniem i ciekawym kształtem, ale także…

Double Full Silver Queen Silk Plant

{$tab:description} Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Carefree Plants Our Double Silver Queen is beautiful standing alone and even more spectacular when placed in groupings. Either way, it instantly plantscapes an interior space. The realistic green/grey leaf variegation adds color, depth, and fullness to this silk floor plant. {$tab:DETAILS} 32" Height x 32" Width Twice as Full & Lush Privides Carefree Beauty Season After Season Decorative Container Sold Separately Choose From a Variety of…

lifelike lush 34" tall silk grass plant

Grass PlantArtificial Floor Plant

{$tab:description} CAREFREE BEAUTY FOR EVERY SPACE Many of us work hard every day. Escaping to the countryside and its pastoral beauty is one way to recharge our batteries and psyche. If you're not able to leave the office very often, why not bring the pleasant feeling of the rolling grass covered pastures inside, causing a seachange in productivity and office morale. This lush and full 34" tall artificial grass plant is sure to do the trick for many years to come. {$tab:DETAILS} 34" Height…

Venezia Urn Planters

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Venezia Urn Planters