InAisce Pilgrim Skirt - light looks natural, quite soft and comfy

InAisce Pilgrim Skirt - light looks natural, quite soft and comfy Wrap pants

Circular Jacket Sewing Tutorial - More projects for making your own clothes at www.sewinlove.


Hooded spring jacket...

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Inspired by traditional Kaftan style this is a modern twist to a Kimono style Abaya Can be worn as an over garment or as an Abaya in itself. This dual purpose Abaya is a sure hot seller. Sizing for Kimono style is not according to our standard size chart due to its kaftan/kimono silhouette, adding more fabric. Zipper front makes this a perfect style for new moms as well. Fabric: 100% Poly Kashibo.

Hijab Fashion Kimono Irani Kaftan Abaya with Zipper Front Hijab Fashion Sélection de looks tendances spécial voilées Look Descreption Kimono Irani Kaftan Abaya with Zipper Front

-interesting angular and diagonal seam lines - angled seam lines cause an observer’s eye to move and really absorb the whole look

InAisce - Add a belt here if you like to add femininity. A colorful silk scarf around the neck or even a thin sweater underneath for a more off guard look. Your favorite pumps and a stylish coat would complete what I call the "strict" look

When you need to take a break from the top, take a step into this autumn season.Casual style is perfect for your back to school time

ChomThong Hand Woven Cotton High Neck Poncho Tunic by SawanAsia

ChomThong Hand Woven Cotton Color : Off White One-size-fits-all Chest : Length : The measurement from the center of the back of the neck to end the sleeves : Without Lining (for your reference, the female model is tall.