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Robert Gettens, Buyers Agent, Just Bought this property at Gordon Street, Clontarf. NSW.

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a House.....a few things you probably haven't even considered!

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Desert Residence by The Phil Nichols Company

One of the narrowest houses in Sydney, Australia

Simon Cohen @EagleFinance sharing some tips onways to save, invest and spend in property.

Bellevue Hill - Suttie Rd After a distasteful first experience with a buyer’s agent that had been engaged external to CohenHandler for over a year, the client was exhausted with the purchasing process by a lack of presented valued opportunities. Read full report here-> Visit our website->

@Robert Goris Gettens, Associate Director – North Shore & Northern Beaches, was featured in View the full interview where he shares 5 useful tips to buy property in Sydney. Visit our website: -->

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