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I don't know who looks cuter. Cas is so proud of his NICKNAME for dean that he's smirking. Dean is trying so hard not to smile and Sammy is smiling so adorably cuz he's the biggest DESTIEL shipper ❤

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I think this is the fifth time I've pinned this, but it's just too funny-- jensen looks like he's gonna fight someone and jared looks like he's gonna pass out

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E Misha Collins The hardest part about playing castiel is the teleporting. It really takes a lot out of me. - iFunny :)


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Supernatural - Sammelthread Supernatural ist eine US-amerikanische Mysteryserie seit 2005.Die Fernsehserie umfasst derzeit zwölf Staffeln mit 264 Episoden.Damit wurde sie zur einer der am längsten laufenden Mysteryserie in der amerikanischen…